Saturday, November 08, 2008


Cooloo (Arab) Tent.
Qwise (Arab) Good. Mush qwise – no good.
Zift (Arab) Rotten, very bad.
Miredam – A flat waste of desert.
Badin (Arab) Later or presently.
Wog (Slang?) Somewhat loosely used. Applies generally to Jews, Arabs, Egyptians and natives employed by the British Government.
Crook (Aussie slang) Sick, ill.
Aussie (Slang) Australia or Australians.
Yehudi (Arab) Jew.
Nasrami (Arab) Christian.
La (Arab) No.
Maalesh (Arab) Never mind!
Minfadlath (Arab) Please.
Mungeriah (Arab) Food.
Macnoon (Arab) Mad, crazy.
Bluey (Army slang) Middle East phrase for the desert, but particularly for the desert war zone. Derived from “out in the blue,” meaning no-bloody-where.


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