Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wednesday 11th February 1942

I didn't have to look for my bed roll. It had been brought by one of the blokes in my tent and I spotted it as soon as he began folding the blankets this morning. Shortly afterwards I found the owner of the bed I'd slept in – a Middlesex Yeoman – so now I only await – a trifle anxiously – the arrival of my kit bags which are at present c/o the benign Army.

No work today. It is not yet known whether we shall be here a few hours or a few days! There's a quite nice Catholic Clubroom nearby (all denominations welcome) with a large cafe and pleasant writing room, where I am sitting at this moment.

It's damn hot in the camp. A khamsin wind like an oven blast is depositing a layer of dust on our kit in the tents. Yes! We know we're back alright! Egypt!


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