Saturday, November 22, 2008

Monday 28th September 1942

A not-very lucky day.

First, we had a practice buzzer reading. I am still unable to read 12wpm. Then we held a post-mortem on the recent procedure exam. I got 40 marks (80%). Harry Burt got 43, Burrows 38 and “Brum Bronsdon 30. Bob Dewhurst however only got 20. Baker (an unpleasant type) who came into the tent recently in place of Taffy Simmons (who went to hospital) also failed – 13 marks. That's natural, but no one expected Bob to fail on procedure.

Just before lunch there was another blow. Dewhurst and I were detailed to leave the NCO's tent and take charge of some recalcitrant new draft gunners in two separate tents. We accordingly moved (there were already ten men in my tent) and the old happy home has been abruptly broken up. Le mauvais Baker, being senior, has been put in charge of Bromsdon, Burt and Burrows!


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