Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monday 6th April 1942

This afternoon 155 reinforcements came to the Regiment and the old 339 Battery had it's last parade. A new battery has been formed in place of 414. For the present, lacking a number, it is known as “X” Battery.

All the old crowd is dispersed now. I am NCO i/c Sigs. in “C” Troop of “X”, Naden is a Bdr. in the new HQ and Sammy Jacobovitch is NCO i/c Sigs. for “D” Troop. Ted Gayler is his lance bombardier. George Hignall is the BQMS for “X”!

The Battery NCO i/c Signals is Sergt. Pounds,at present absent on a course.
Our BC is Major Gosling – untidy old William, fingering his moustache – who was BC of 339 during the final battle of Tobruch. Captain Adams (“Apple”) is “D” Troop Commander and Captain Gardener is “C” Troop Commander. The Bty. Captain is Captain Jones (Boomer), so we certainly start with some excellent officers.

We have moved into a camp adjacent to the 339th lines. Several of my troop signallers are almost strangers to me. Lance Bdr. Tom Gibbon and Morgan, Hallow, Hatch, Cooper and Howarth are all I have so far. The vacancies will be filled by men from the new draft.


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