Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wednesday 25th March 1942

The weather has been dusty for about a week. Yesterday was about the worst dust storm – ending with a hot, dry khamsin wind – that we've known since we were in the Bagush Box during '40.

Even so we were fairly comfortable in our quarters. Gradually a thin veil of sand settled on everything but at all times we could see clearly across the room.
We didn't stir forth but stayed in, having many brews of tea and holding spelling and general knowledge contests.

In the afternoon, we all fell asleep, gulping in the dry air. Even in these conditions life was thus bearable. It is sad that we are soon leaving here. Yes, we are going back to Egypt and for the first time, we are all sorry to be going. It has been a steady and comfortable existence here.

Where next? The Pacific, one imagines, that is to say India or Aussie.


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