Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday 22nd March 1942

We must be nearly at the quintessence of comfort now! A no. 11 set is installed in the exchange zareba and RC lines run from there to George's place and our zareba, where we thus listen to quite decent programmes through the new Tannoy loudspeakers.

I am on the exchange now. It is 4:45a.m. and so the zareba lines are disconnected.
Ted Gayler and Bob Andrews are on sentry go in the wadi outside, so my first job on coming on duty at 3a.m. was to make a qwise brew for the three of us. (At present we have lots of water, tea, sugar and milk!) Then I got a bit of melody from the wireless and had a shave.

At the Base they shave in cold water, in draughty sheds. But I, here in the desert, had hot water! Gluttonously I smoked a cigarette and kept the head phones on (leads out of the way behind my head) whilst I shaved, slowly and placidly. At present this is an excellent war, we are all agreed on that point – even though there was a dust storm yesterday. I shaved with gay dance music from Spain and now write this with Berlin Radio providing a pleasant background.


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