Thursday, November 06, 2008

Saturday 24th January 1942

This evening Jack and I saw a quite good and modern film at the Garrison Cinema - “Howards of Virginia.” Like the famous “Gone with the Wind”, it dealt with the history of the southern states but the period covered this time was the War of Independence, not the War of Secession. When we came out I said, “Now, Jack, I want more dope about this. Give me a few dates between Bunkers Hill and Gettysburg, will you.”

“Certainly,” he replied amiably, “These are fairly accurate: 1759, Quebec. 1760 George 3rd became King. He was zift with the American Colonies. 1765 The Stamp Tax. 1775 The tea business at Boston, and the Battle of Bunkers Hill. 1776 Declaration of independence and union of the 13 states, at Philadelphia. General Washington was C in C. 1781 General Cornwallis cut-off in Yorktown, Virginia, and surrendered. This ended the war. 1783 England recognised independence, and abandoned all claims to land east of Mississippi. 1789 The States had a Constitution. Washington was President. 1793 Florida bought from Spain. 1803 Louisiana bought from France. 1807 Britain abolished slave trading. 1812-14 USA at war with England. 1846 The 49th Parallel. 1846-48 California gold rush. Mexican- American War. Rio Grande made frontier. 1861 Lincoln President. Seven states seceded from the Union. 1863 Gettysburgh. 1865 Surrender of General Lee and end of Civil War.”

“Huh! Thanks very much,” I said, putting down my pencil.


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