Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tuesday 13th October 1942

A lorry from the Regiment came to collect us this morning, and we were deposited at RHQ (RSM Carlo!) early in the afternoon, after a long and rough journey. The Regiment is not in action, so even here there is a little bullshit. The routine, I should imagine is approximate to that which was in force in the Bagush Box in 1940.

I was posted to 519 Battery, and (pro tem) attached to BHQ. They haven't got a job for me, at the moment. There were many new faces, but also quite a few familiar ones.
Bob Andrews (pay clerk), Ken White (NCO Sigs), Don Pounds )BQMS), Wally Parkin (his assistant), Ted Gayler (exchange NCO), and two of my old ā€œCā€ Troop signallers, Gus Hallows and Jock Fleming. There were quite a few others I knew, too, such as the signaller who joined us at Mena in April, and Jack Weatherall and Jimmie James.

Tonight, once again I slept under the stars, on a wide miredam ā€“ there are no dug outs here, it's well behind the lines ā€“ and slept damn well, from 9:30p.m. to 5:45a.m. next morning.


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