Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday 4th October 1942

Bob and I are in “A” Battery – and on draft to the 104th RHA. Quick work! They awoke us this morning and told us to report to the new drafting battery “E”. After some hours of confusion it was found I had not just come from England, but had previously served with the RHA and so was detailed to report to “A” Battery. Bob accordingly said, he also was in the RHA and was similarly detailed.

When we arrived at “A” Battery we acted “dumb” and nothing seemed to happen until the BSM said “What Regiment were you with, before you came here?” “104th RHA" I said. “104th RHA”, lied Bob. “Ah! said the BSM, “Right! You two will return to your units tomorrow. Get your names taken in the office. That's all!” “May we go out this afternoon, sir?” I said hastily, “We want to get some essential kit from our regimental store, at the Citadel...” “Right!” said the BSM, “Give these men two passes, bombardier. That's all!”

So here we are, having washed our clothes – at 3p.m., sorting out our surplus kit. We want to get rid of stuff, not draw more! The only snag is – we're going out with about 12 piastres between us. Let's hope we don't actually leave until after pay parade tomorrow, as we at present lack matches, cigarettes, tobacco, soap, razor blades. Also, I've got very little ink.

I'm glad to be going quickly, thus missing the horrors of Base bullshit, but it seems a bit rough on Bob, who could have stayed in “E” Battery, perhaps for a couple of weeks, before being drafted somewhere. However, he doesn't seem to mind.


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