Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wednesday 10th June 1942

There have been a few changes in the signals. RC still has Newb and Morgan; GC has Tom Gibbon and Hallows. With me on M2 are Quick, Fleming and Jock Forbes (a likeable lone-wolf, queer hawk, ex-regular, romantic, just transferred from the guns at his own request). On M4 are Pope (i/c), King, hatch and Jones. Tinsley has gone back to the guns. I have just heard that poor “Tapper” Cooper died of his wounds.

Since the raid we have dwelt in a large bomb hole, too weary to dig more holes in the rocky earth. Yesterday we found a partly dug position about ¼ mile from the command post and completed the digging and camouflaging of two slit trenches. We haven't dug in the truck this time but as we're so far from the troop position it is doubtful whether this will be noticed. This seems quite a decent place. Bushy and not too dusty. Quiet, too. I've laid a line to the command post and put a telephone on this end, so I don't have to go dashing over there quite so often.

The last two days have been fairly peaceful and steady. Swine artillery duels which caused little damage at this end, however.


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