Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thursday 28th May 1942

Near the end of our training.

Yesterday reveille was at 4:45a.m. and we moved off, trucks fully loaded, leaving the camp empty except for tents, at 5:30a.m. arrived back here late in the afternoon, and I dashed around getting ready for guard mounting at 7p.m. - as new ROS.

At 10p.m., when I returned from a tramp around the guard tents – 237 Battery is about a mile away – I heard that war had been declared alright, in Libya. We just got a wireless rigged up in time to hear the news. A German push had commenced, and after mass Stuka bombing, a tank battle was now in progress 30 miles SW of Tobruch.

This morning, therefore, we were not surprised to hear that all leave was cancelled and that kit bags were to go to the Citadel. Five minutes later. We're under 6 hours notice to move, all trucks to be packed.


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