Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday 12th May 1942

N.C. Dawson. April. R.H. Dawson. Pepita. R. Dawson.

First mail for many weeks, an airgraph came yesterday, from my Mother. Written across the top, were the above signatures. Imagine my interest when I saw the name underneath my Father's typical signature:- “April.”! All the others were names of known members of the family circle...

The letter was dated London, April 13th. An historic document, to me. It showed THEY had met!

“My Dear Boy – Richard is home on special leave. We were delighted and relieved when he unexpectedly arrived a week ago. All well. Father on leave too. Robin not to join RAF – very disappointed but we are very pleased. I expect Father will be at sea again by the time you get this. You know what he is. Simply couldn't be kept on land any longer. You WILL BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT APRIL IS HERE, AND HAD TEA WITH US and if only you were at home we should be completely happy... I am going back to Devon next week. Richard will go with me for another week at least. Dick has got his promotion. I'll let you know when he joins his new ship... I am getting your letters very well... All love, Mother.”


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