Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday 8th July 1942

As, after being here a week, I still feel old and full of aches and pains, without appetite for food or interest in living, I reported sick this morning. At 7:40a.m., I shambled over to the Div. Office and had my name, age, religion, etc, inscribed on Army Form B256.

At 9a.m. I paraded hopefully with many others, outside the Medical Inspection Room and began waiting. At 11:50a.m. I was seen by the MO. His questions, and thoughtful silences, made me think that I could hear the sparrows twittering in English hedges. But no! He merely told me to attend three times a day for a tonic to be administered.

Pulse now racing at 120, I crept back to my tent (being overcome with a slight attack of retching, en-route) and lay down.


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