Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Friday 14th January 1944

Family excitement and planning reached a new high level today. Father sent a telegram: “Received telegram but shall come arriving Oxford 11:45”. Lord knows why but it sounds very sinister indeed. They undoubtedly have Plans which clash even with my simple orders to report at Woolwich. If they think I'm willing to load a family domination to the existing heavy burden of an Army oligarchy, they will find they are only right up to a certain limit!

Subsequently, even April (to my sad disappointment) joined the chorus. An orderly came to tell me she had telephoned re Corporal Dawson. Would they give him a pass for Sunday because his Father was coming? And would they like his civilian suit? And was he getting on nicely? Bloody hell!

Apparently the dazed orderlies in the office replied they'd grant the pass. They understood Dawson was staying in the Army and wouldn't want a parcel of civilian clothes. Yes, he was getting on satisfactorily – due for discharge in fact.

My God! Why again the superfluous enquiry re civvie clothes? And why the unnecessary solicitude about my welfare? And does April think I haven't got enough sense to request a pass myself? Probably all this means they're all getting in a panic. Lord knows why!

I wonder what they are worrying and scheming about? Why had April to meet my Father and the Aunts at Hampstead on Sunday night? Speculation is pointless; I'll probably find the reason of all this (if there is any reason) on Sunday, when the old man storms this institution.


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