Thursday, January 08, 2009

Friday 25th June 1943

Rationing of cigarettes is in full swing. We are still allowed our usual weekly issue of 50 “Victory”(!) death tubes and can in addition buy 30 Players per week – although today, when we presented our ration chits at the canteen, we only received 20. It is suspected that the remaining 10 per man, are absorbed into the black market. The canteen is run by Jews...

The flies have been numerous, vicious and agile during the last week. William and I are rather depressed with the all-pervading “nervy” atmosphere here. We have applied for a pass each for tomorrow, so that we can go to Sarafend Garrison, a few miles distant – partly for the walk, partly for Bill to get a glass of beer, partly for me to revive memories in a place I was in the Army and tolerably happy, but chiefly to get away from the grim atmosphere of this place for a few hours.

Supplies of pipe tobacco are normal at the present but I suspect these will be drastically cut down soon. I cannot really accumulate a stock with my meagre capital, but I have 12ozs in reserve; if there is a shortage that bit will stave off the dread moment of empty pipes for a week or two.


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