Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday 8th October 1943

Paced 20 furlongs.

Class continues in the Occupational Therapy Department.

Correspondence: By the kindness of the Methodist Padre here, I have been allowed to write a letter to April which will not be read by a third person. “Give it to me,” he said, “I'll just put the censor's stamp on it, and that will be that.”

Today I again wrote home (to Father this time) to explain that I wasn't particularly mad and that my prolonged stay here had not been caused by a relapse. The ward Sister kindly added a postscript to the same effect. She would not put the definite words I wanted her to put, but mentioned: “Cpl. Dawson... may have been ill in Palestine, but I assure you that whilst he has been in ward 3, he has been a good worker, and he does good work in the library...”

Why the library? I've never worked there! But maalesh.


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