Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday 4th October 1943

The orderly Moseley, whom I've sometimes mentioned, was transferred to another (non-mental) hospital today. Was this because the authorities knew about his fits of evil temper and thus sent him to work where his brutal nature could wreak less trouble? Probably not; probably just coincidence. He left in a good odour, with an uncouth smile wrinkling his coarse features. He even shook hands with several patients, and to one he muttered, “Sorry if I've 'ad to 'aze yer a bit, occasional. But
it's not me as likes doin' it, it's the 'igher-Ups gives the orders, see?”

Things are brighter with his departure, for the new English day orderly is a decent sort (a “steady file”) and we still have the original night orderly – he who struggled silently with the Greek razor-slasher soon after I came into this ward.

Today's weather is a combination of Sunday's dryness and wind and Saturday's sultriness – but in a milder form. The insects here are still pretty grim. Hordes of flies by day, hordes of bugs by night.

Paced 26 furlongs.


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