Sunday, January 04, 2009

Monday 19th April 1943

Blood tests for Balata and I, today. This depressed me but subsequently I met Chadwick and he explained the test was nothing to do with syphilis or GPI, probably. People often had blood tests to check up on the percentages of red and white corpuscles in their blood. The once gloomy Chadwick is now bright, witty, and hopeful about the future. A few weeks ago I was (feeling A1 myself) trying to raise Chadwick from his slough of depression; and now he does the same for me! He hopes to be discharged from here very soon now. Everyone is getting better except me.

Ow-wul-umbiera ana magdnoon. Aliyum zau.

(1982: Yesterday I was mad. Today, the same)


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