Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tuesday 13th April 1943

Three pleasant strolls today, in the groves, with Crew and Store. There are many enticing little paths and tracks around here; they will never cease to attract. We talk all the time. Sometimes we, by mutual consent, stand in the middle of the path and talk; and then we stroll on, aimlessly, again.

Some of my happiest hours since coming to this hospital – indeed, since first reporting sick, last February – have been spent in those orange groves. Perhaps this is because of the pleasant looking and fragrant surroundings, because my companions are quiet, humorous and cultured, and because there are three of us. Three is the ideal number for a walk, for if one feels morose anytime, and disinclined to converse, he can be silent without annoying others. If there are only two, each man must keep amiable and friendly, otherwise his companion may be distressed. With two companions, in lovely and natural surroundings, I notice the absence of strain.


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