Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday 4th December 1943

The mass punishment continues.

Patients are allowed out – with an orderly escort – to fetch meals from the cook house and tea from the canteen; but no one is allowed to go to the cinema, concerts, church, library or to the therapy department etc. It doesn't worry me much, as I can find plenty to do within the ward, and I happen to have a good stock of library books. I never go to the cinema and rarely to church; concerts don't often happen, so – maalesh!

The ward is now absolutely full. I expect the rest of the hospital is the same, as a big convoy of magdnoon men has come in from India and South Africa. There must be about 150 of them altogether. They are “in transit to UK” and seem confident they won't be here more than a few days. Well, I hope they're luckier than Lias and I. They should be more fortunate. Being such a large party, the authorities will not want to absorb them into the hospital.


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