Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday 9th May 1943

Another walk with Hamad. We went to the citrus grove, where fruit still remains, and sat down, eating oranges among the greenery. Very nice and quiet; no shouting of people or buzzing of angry flies, as in the ward.

Hamad told me some weird story of a “katab kebeer” (big book) made long ago by a “F'geer” (holy man), which seems to prophesy wars ad lib. Present history for instance. Hamad had read that Germany would be very strong, take all Greece, all France and half Egypt. English would take Syria and there would be much fighting, English-German. Half the houses of England maybe in ruins... “Who wins in the end?” I demanded anxiously at this point! “England!” said Hamad, “Katab say this. Me no liar. Me see, before two years!”

After this there will be trouble in Palestine (and very likely too). Jews want king, want soldiers, want flag. English say no. Fighting, English-Jew (I shall not be present, in such case!) After this, Jews have king etc. Arabs no like. Fighting....

From Hamad's confused description, this conflict spreads considerably, and Egypt is also involved. It sounds like a religious war – Christian against Moslem.
Eventually, finish all Moslems in Egypt and Palestine. The surviving Arabs will move eastwards, into Trans-Jordan and beyond. And the story ends with vague and mysterious allusions to a man in green – a very important bloke. “Maybe this man no good, maybe good. I do not know.” said Hamad. He added comfortingly that although this must all come true, some of it might not happen for 100 years. Well, I hope the part about England defeating Germany, comes true before then!


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