Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday 19th August 1943

Half-way through the interview, the Psychiatrist said, “Well! We must see how soon we can get you posted back to duty! But – where are your papers? I can't see them anywhere...” He fiddled with the papers on his desk; then sent me off to the office with a note.

The clerk came back with me. “This man is boarded and awaiting transit to Uk sir. His papers have been sent to the Board Room and are unobtainable.” “Oh, so you have already been boarded, have you?” the Psychiatrist asked me. “That's right sir.” “In that case there's nothing we can do here,” he said (to my relief), “It's just a case of waiting until you get included in a convoy.” “How long will that be?” I asked. “I've no idea. How long have you been in hospital?” “Six months today, sir.” I replied wearily. Thus the interview ended.


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