Monday, January 19, 2009

Thursday 30th December 1943

No smoking again, today. I feel less isolated and miserable however. Maybe I'm in England after all.

The Sister sent for me. “A message came for you,” she said, “Perhaps by phone... I'm not sure. It was, “Miss Aiken. Bradford. She's alright. Keep your chin up.” Do you understand that?” I did! - reading Brentwood for Bradford! An hour later, a letter came from April, registered and containing £10 in bank notes! She is crazy. But nice. I paid a debt, lent William 2/-, bought shaving soap and toothpaste and was able to clean my teeth by rubbing with my finger.

Walked briskly around the grounds, a smell of bonfires. The sun shone wanly, low in the sky. It is nearly always twilight here and the sun never rises very high. April's letter was so practical, I could imagine her as Lady Nithsdale if she had lived 200 years ago and had been a Jacobite. (But I'm glad she didn't live 200 years ago!)


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