Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuesday 28th December 1943

I'm not sure which I miss the most - toothbrush, pipe or handkerchief! It was good to get my boots on, anyhow, and go for a stroll around the grounds during the parole hours. I can walk properly in boots. The food here is, on the whole, much better than at 41. Midday meals are especially good – well-cooked, too.

Met William whilst out walking. He is having insulin treatment, but says it is not too bad. What worries him is the beating-up of patients which occurs at night in his ward. Always somebody, and sometimes two or three wretches, are dragged from their beds and thrashed by three orderlies. “It makes us all so apprehensive,” said Bill. A man from the same ward added, “Yes, I've got so as I dread the nights”.

We are England's “heroes,” her “gallant boys”. This England indeed!


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