Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday 1st June 1943

My memory is dull; once it was unusually good. Now it is difficult for me to remember and record what happened yesterday; but once I could sit down and write a whole week's diary, not forgetting any of the amusing or interesting events which had occurred. However, I feel much better lately. I have changed my jacket for one which matches my trousers and have sewn two buttons (brass, Italian buttons!) on it. Also, I have started parting my hair carefully and now walk about in a brisk manner. (I'll be cleaning my boots next!) Yesterday and today, everyone was saying how smart and fit I looked... It just shows what a wild-looking waste I must have appeared before.

The Major has been on leave, so there have been no inspections for about 10 days. Tomorrow, again, there is no inspection. As I said to Sisters Banks, Mitchell and Scholfield, it is amazing that the hospital can carry on like this, day after day, without any inspection.

Tonight, Crazy Crew took his last walk in the orange groves. He seems more cheerful now; tomorrow he returns to his unit.


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