Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday 29th March 1944

After two bombardiers and one sergeant had told me I was going away soon, I duly paraded with a dozen other bombardiers at the mirror at 8:15 this morning. We then began waiting to see the MO...

There were two breaks – half an hour for “elevenses” in the morning and an hour for lunch at midday – and we finally saw the MO at 3:30p.m. Having been passed as free from VD and lice etc. we dispersed.

We parade on Saturday morning to be told the times of the trains, and we probably go on Monday morning. So maybe – maybe – there will be one last weekend with April!

I telephoned her tonight from a call box near the ferry, and our conversation lasted 1½ hours. It's very pleasant to think that this record-breaking talk cost nothing! My sixpence just tickled the mechanism and fell out of the money box again.


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