Thursday, February 05, 2009

Friday 2nd June 1944

No cough and only 4 cigarettes all day! April's sore throat is doing me good.
Margaret came up to Town with us. I booked a room at the Cumberland and she came up and sat in it with us talking until lunchtime. April and I went to a flick in the afternoon (“The Song of Bernadette”) and Margaret returned to Town.

We spent the evening rather foolishly in a slight quarrel, until April was weeping. And damn me! long after we'd made it up she was still wet-eyed and woebegone in voice. So I undressed her and gave her a nice warm bath. I couldn't tell when the wetness on her face became soap and water and steam instead of tears, nor when her unhappy voice became the childish, plaintive mourning that is hers when she is happy and comfortable.


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