Sunday, February 18, 2007

Friday 11th August 1933

Rain drizzled nearly all day long. Improvised a shelter with large ground sheets and sacking, on the Wolves site. Quite easy. Langworth, before the rain came. Went on the chassis, for provisions. Discovered the blue eyed girl’s name was Kathleen (or was it Katherine?). Dark blue.

Late dinner in the shelter while rain sizzled outside. Hot tea. Yarns and quiet games until about 8, when the rain ceased. Early supper in our shelter. A swinging storm lantern, which cast a circle of light. Dick – Brother is known as “Dick” and Dickie Wish as “Dickie”, to avoid any confusion.

A P.C. arrived from Papworth Troop, who are visiting us, ordered 10 loaves and eggs for tomorrow. After supper Grannie, Londoner, Dickie and I set off for Langworth to give the order, leaving the other two in camp. Down a lane in the darkness; dim shapes trudging between close hedges. Reached Langworth about 10 o’clock and aroused K and her mother. Quite nice, not annoyed as I half expected. K. looks pretty by electric torch light. Back. Dripping, dark woods. Camp.


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