Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday 5th August 1933

All late up, - very late – so our time throughout the day was distorted. My Scout Wood Badge studies arrived this morning and – curious thing – were brought to me, still in bed, by a First Class, Second Class and Tenderfoot. Wag, Barney and Barney.

We went to Langworth for more provisions (some chiefly to see the blue eyed girl). Wandered along beyond the village and decided to act crazily. Removed our hats to cross the railway – walked by an interested workman. Near Scothern, we lined up by the roadside and paid the same tribute to a lady cyclist. Frank, the London nephew was posted across the road to watch effect. Cyclist’s significant gesture, indicating madness.

We found the sun hot. Through Scothern and by fields to the camp. Soon had tea, no dinner. Evening. “Scout meets Scout”, in the woods. Ray secure in the gully, peering through the leaves, hidden on three sides. I watched the rustling saplings ahead, and waited. It grew darker. Figures, stealthy figures of the enemy. Three! And too dark to recognize them! I challenged, was wrong, and had to flee. We were badly beaten. Eleven in camp.


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