Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday 12th August 1933

I was awakened by the milkman at 9 o’clock! The nights seem to be getting colder but I still sleep well with both flaps open.

Papworth Troop arrived by lorry, with much cheering and pitched camp nearby. The six of us went to Langworth by chassis. We took turns at towing it with a bicycle. Hard work – for the cyclist. Kathleen (?) kindly took a photo of us (with chassis). Much traffic on the roads, to and from the sea.

Late dinner – tea again – a good one. Grannie, Londoner, Dick and myself are usually in partnership at meals. Week-enders arrived gradually; Hoddy, Hack and the others. There are ten in camp tonight. Wag has made a wonderful jump from the branch of a tree into the shallow lake. Now he has dared me to do the same – Borrowed a bike and dashed to Lincoln with Grannie. Shopping.

Saw Captain with Charlie of the H.F... Lovers…..! Called at the Girl’s Home for some food for Londoner. Raced back to camp in the dark – we had no lights. Sudbrooke about 10 o’clock. Some in bed, others around a fire. Hefty supper, cheese and pickles. All is well.


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