Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sunday 17th September 1933

Charming day – it was unexpected! Nothing to do so visited Akel after breakfast. We would have a day out! Changed into uniform, packed food, away by car along the coast road. Sunny day. Still no rain. Chapel-St.-Leonards. The sea.

(1982: Long, long years and events later, I was to come many times to Chapel-St.-Leonards with my dear wife and daughter.)

About eight years since I was here; When I was about 10 years old I walked from Sutton-on-Sea and back, a lone adventure. The tide coming in. We had lunch in the sand hills, then walked to Anderby Creek. There were no signs of habitation, last time I passed Anderby. Scrounged costumes and had a swim in the sea. Shallow a long way out. Light tea at a café just behind the sand hills. Walked back at the edge of the waves. Turn of tide.

Home through Alford, Horncastle. Pretty villages, quaint church with lights inside, winding roads in the half light. The main road. Traffic. Traffic. Home; packing and preparing. Now I am going to put this book in my travel case. I go to London by the 7.30 tomorrow.

(1982: The last day as a Lincolnshire man. It was nice of Akel to share that day with me).


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