Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday 10th September 1933

What time we had breakfast I do not know. Were we camping on private ground? Did not wait to see, but got away to Torksey, arriving there at 11a.m. Turned back into the wind. Sunny. I am sitting in the prow, writing. Grannie is rowing now and it is my trick next. Plop! Swish! Ripple! The boat is going straight towards the sun. Later. Dinner as the boat rippled onwards into the wind. Grannie’s log often showed the entry – “heavy going…wind dead ahead…water choppy.”

Through Saxilby, fighting the wind by double tricks – two rowing at a time. Tea sitting on the railway bank near Odder. Pyewipe. The motor yacht Sonata offered us a tow and we took it. Proud ending! Speeding down into Brayford, taut tow-rope, white vessel ahead, water racing about, I happy at the tiller, keeping us straight while the others rested – Nutty crouched on the prow.


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