Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday 3rd September 1933

Took Cub Dawson and Scout Dawson with me to Sudbrooke. Plenty of work to do. Cleared the site, made inventory of the kit, struck the tents. Sudbrooke standing camp is now past, though we may go again at weekends. Akel and I walked to Sudbrooke village, to give a small gift to the vicar, who is leaving. Left it in his car; a picture entitled “The Pathfinder”.

I realise that neglected opportunity now and have made a vow to myself. Not to let an opportunity pass again. I will remember August 23rd, my gloomy thoughts of August 27th and 29th. Also, September 2nd. Ah!…. Let me write again so that I shall not forget! “Four things come not back to man or woman: the sped arrow, the spoken word, the past life, the neglected opportunity.”


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