Monday, February 26, 2007

Saturday 2nd September 1933

Walked to Sudbrooke. Nutty slept there alone last night. A hot day. Dozed in a deck chair and at last finished “Rookery Nook”. New form of pleasure at Sudbrooke – a dreamy one. I punted Wolf around the deeps and channels with Nutty sitting in a deckchair, operating the old gramophone. Quite adept with a punt pole now. Delightful. At sunset I came home on Dickie’s cycle, leaving it at his house. First Class Journey with him next week.

There are some wise words:-

“Four things come not back to man or woman: the sped arrow, the spoken word, the past life, the neglected opportunity”. Yes, neglected opportunity. I think of the bridge over the old lily pond, where there is wild mint and forget-me-nots. “Four things come not back….”


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