Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday 25th August 1933

Noon: I am in a boat in Conclusion Creek at our Sudbrooke. Conclusion Creek. The sun shines and it is warm, for the cold wind of the previous days has changed.

I was awakened by my alarm clock this morning at 7.30. Had brekker, cycled to Lincoln, changed into ordinary clothes. Went in a door marked “Applicants for Transitional Payments” Dingy room. Silent men sitting in rows, waiting. I was the thirteenth. Summoned into the inner room. Questions. Questions. Kindly official. I refused to finish all the questions. Could not. Means Test is now over. I shall draw a little dole next week; then nothing. Think I shall stay here until Wednesday; money will last till then. Afterwards – what?

Tramp, tramp, tramp. It’s coming louder again. Evening: Crossed to Windy Creek in the boats, moved them there and walked through the woods to Langworth. Fish and chip shop. Only six of us this time. As we waited, Akel came! He had tracked us from camp. So we all sat down and had a hot supper. Left Akel on the road, got a storm lantern from camp and came to the boats along Twelve Match Path. Back over the lake. Skilled pilotage is needed to find the channels, as the lake is becoming so shallow.


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