Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday 22nd August 1933

Another river day. Home by bus. Hastily packed food and got away by 1 o’clock. I ate my lunch while steering the dinghy. Tea was near Burtons Lane End, then a dash for Saxilby – never yet reached by Westgate boat. Tug and Dick in the skiff, Nutty and I in the dinghy. Odden. Saxilby. Had to wait, while a barge passed through the fatal bridge. The dinghy was first through! Turned back at the county border, tried to improvise a sail with moderate success. Rescued the marooned ones and came home. Sore hands but rowing strongly.

After a glorious hot supper, to Sudbrooke by the 9.30 bus. Hitler, Dick and Tug in camp. A feast of apples and toffees, I read some more of “Rookery Nook”.


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