Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday 14th August 1933

Went to Witching Tree in search of lost rowlock and found it at the first attempt!

Dick is sleeping with Wolves tonight. He awoke feeling quite alright, this morning. After tea, went to Scotham with Stan, the Papworth ASM, by motor bike at speed. The Vicarage, for a meeting re: garden fete. Usual fussy, self important ladies of the committee. Offered to give a camp fire at the close of the fete. Stan’s boys dubious but Westgate quite keen.

Evening: all went to Langworth in search of fish and chips. Could find none but we had the walk. Quickly walking figures in the dark; a hedge on one side and a light corn field on the other, they sang “Keep the Home Fires Burning”.

PS A musical afternoon in a deck chair in Wolves Spinney. Broke a record and paid for it (2/6). That leaves me with a farthing, sent by Jack long ago.


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