Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thursday 17th August 1933

Dull morning. Our boats broke adrift in the night so before breakfast I was busy rescuing them. Towing three heavy boats with the cockleshell. Squall. Refuge under the Witching Tree.

Afternoon – Lincoln. Was too late to receive payment at the exchange so resigned myself to a day’s poverty. However the family was generous, though unaware of my straits. Bananas, cream, jam, cake and a good pot of tea. Afterwards went to Scothern with Nutty, Beefy and a Papworth scout. Called at the Vicarage for two rabbits and other gratis groceries.

After a few minor happenings in the village (a loving post card, Stan and Joe, ripe rabbits) we set off for Sudbrooke again via the field. Somewhere on the dark estate. Woods, barbed wire. A bull? The house with red curtains. Where we really were – Hebdon’s Poultry Farm! Through the private grounds. Very gingerly through black woods, to Temple Walk. More difficult tree work. Approached Papworth, before bed. The wind is high again. I have laced up the tent and knocked all the pegs well in.


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