Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wednesday 16th August 1933

Roused the camp at 8.30. Felt happy and energetic. Hurried breakfast, Langworth for some food then arranged the camp fire with Papworth. Rehearsed it. Rotten rehearsal, as I expected. Rehearsals do not matter.

After dinner, the trek cart loaded with logs, we set forth for Scothern. Very dull garden fete – they always are! I will not describe the weak kinds of amusements which were everywhere. The camp fire was to be held on the old tennis court, and so we built it there, erecting a screen for entrance of performers. I was taken up the church tower by one of the villagers. Up steep ladders and crawling under bells. A white ensign was flying from the roof and below our feet the village spread out. Very peaceful in the evening quietness. Camp fire began about 9 o’clock. I “opened” it.

“As the red logs glow, so may our hearts
As the flames leap upward, so may our aims
As the grey ash fades, so may our sins
As the good fire warms the circle
So may our ideals warm the world.”

I knew (the audience was a large one considering the attendance at the fete) that the people enjoyed themselves by their faces in the fire light. Really, the whole thing was a success and at the end a voice from the crowd led “three cheers for the scouts”.

Back along the dark roads to Sudbrooke. Tyler (Hitler) cycled on alone to light our fire. Brave thing, with the lonely park. Dick could have had a ride in the cart but walked instead. I was at the back with Stan of Papworth. Storm lantern bobbing among the dusky figures around the cart. Camp and bed – late.


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