Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Saturday 19th August 1933

All rose late. We always do, but today was even more than usual. Akel arrived during breakfast but did not stay long. Papworth departed by a lorry after dinner. We escorted them to the gate, cheering and crying “Heil Hitler!” (the Nazi salute).

Ended a fairly uneventful day with another island camp fire, after which three of us had a voyage to the coffin and got stuck on the way back.

The last month begins; 4 weeks to the 19th September. The last summer of unemployment – and leisure.

(2005 - Of course, I dreaded the Army, to be a Private Soldier in the Regular peacetime Army! Especially after that recent visit to the Barracks to watch the PE and drilling. Nevertheless, I would have done it; my resolve was unshaken. In the end, I got a job on the very day, that led to a lifetime of fulfilled work. Was this blind chance, or had the family, deploring the plan, organised my immediate future?)


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