Monday, February 26, 2007

Thursday 24th August 1933

Morning: Langworth, gave Kathleen a photo of us with the chassis. She often smiles – blue eyes.

Afternoon: Lincoln, Labour Exchange. Red tape, still have to return for dole, tomorrow. Found a note waiting for me at home, Lincoln postmark. I knew what it was and opened it in my bedroom. “….Your application for Transitional Benefit…call at this office on Friday August 25 at 9.15 o’clock….” The Means Test. Tomorrow. It has taken me by surprise. I have written this on the lake between Pike Pools and Isle of Feathers. The boat is still, in the shallows. The water is almost still. It is twilight. Oh God, why cannot this go on for ever and ever.

Later: concluded the day by a lone night expedition to the ruins. Went into the cellars. Candlelight. Underground. Afraid. If the roof should fall in! In some places there was only 2 feet of space between floor and ceiling. The cellars were full of old bricks. I was glad to reach the clear open air again. Went to the old lily pond, too, and stayed on the bridge awhile. Not afraid there. Now. Tomorrow…


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