Monday, February 26, 2007

Wednesday 23rd August 1933

Awakened by sheep again. They went, I slept. The milkman came; I paid him and began to read in bed. Letters came but I still remained cosily wrapped up. Finally rose about 11.

Dinner at 12 o’clock. Peggy came. She tried to sketch the Temple (and I climbed to it’s roof). Walked to Windy Creek and found Lion stranded there. We managed to embark and I punted back to camp in the teeth of a strong wind. Felt we were being watched. I was right, the boys were stalking us.

Tea, then a stroll. Akel, Matron, Peggy and I. Temple Walk and the ruins. Our following shadows. Peggy and myself went to the old lily pond and it’s quaint bridge. Fate seems to deal me wrong cards. Evening, boating around the lake. Yes, the shadows are surely lengthening. Tears are in my eyes as I write. The sunsets pretty, isn’t it? Five in camp tonight. They wanted an expedition, but I refused.


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