Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday 28th August 1933

A really hot day. This is the last heat wave of summer. I expect. We are gradually closing parts of the camp down and striking tents; only the Lion’s camp remains now and there are five boys here. Everything is drying up. We found several eels struggling for life in a tiny pool near the old dam we built last winter. A dam is not needed now – the bed is quite dry. We are going to feed the pool with buckets of water and hope some of the fish may live.

An evening expedition with Akel and others, through the Park. Later, went to the main road near Langworth and stopped the fish and chip van. Sat outside a pub and ate them. Before going to bed I had quiet a row in the cockleshell. Getting quite fast; Witching Tree to breeches buoy, 2 mins. 23 secs. Went to Landworth by car this morning. The milkman kindly gave me a lift both ways.


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