Monday, February 26, 2007

Wednesday 6th September 1933

Up 8a.m. after a good night – the tents faced east. My 30th camp. Walked in the dew, hasty breakfast, cleared site and off by 10 o’clock. Sun hot already.

Wasted much time in Nacton, trying to discover about the church bells and the late squire. Dunston (Vicar with sun helmet), Metheringham. Dinner by a wayside pump. Spring water. There is a drought on the country, caused by the long dry spell and many districts in Lincolnshire are suffering from the scarcity of water. All the villages around Metheringham however, are plentifully supplied by these springs, which have never failed. Helped the driver of a steam roller fill his boiler with this water. Drank and washed, too, at the pump. Reached Blankney soon after and reported to Mrs. Kinnington the lady Scoutmaster. Sat in the garden and she rather cross-examined me. I was wearing my Rover Badges but feared she might discover my real rank (ASM), all well though.

On to Scopwick. An old Scout driving a lorry offered us a lift. Digby Aerodrome. Here Dickie finished his log, the “Journey” being over. Wrecked aeroplanes. The desolate landing ground. Fields to a farm-house where we had a pot of tea and finished off our food (I have been on hike rations). Bridle path, road, then fields again, around Blankney Park. Straight cross-country, with Metheringham Mill always on our right. The main road by nightfall. Dunston Station and an hour before the ‘bus came. We made ourselves cosy on the station. Nutty mistakenly stopped a lorry. The driver brought us back to Lincoln in the back. Tearing into the night. The silvery moon – jolt! – rush of wind. Happy ending to a journey.


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