Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday 11th September 1933

The train to Bradford is running alongside the Foss. Yesterday by water for pleasure; today by rail for – a chance. I do not know how much I shall record of the next few days, for I rarely mention matters of the family here. This will be partly an adventure, partly a family affair.

Changed at Retford into the fast train. Changed coaches at Doncaster. All 3rd carriages full, so we travelled first class. Wakefield about 11a.m. Big, smoky city with dark clouds overhanging. Cannot see many fields. The train rolls from one dingy town to another, with little gaps in between. Yorkshire must be very thickly populated. At Thornton Hall, near Bradford. It would be a wonderful job if – I have to become a public school type to get it, must wear a soft felt hat, gloves and a stiff collar. Also smoke; have had one cigarette to get in training.


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