Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wednesday February 22nd 1933

Prepared myself carefully for a job interview today at Heinz Ltd, Hull, and went to the Grand Hotel at 3.15 with the knowledge that I looked at my best and smartest. Plus-fours, new mackintosh, best shirt and tie, polished shoes – I was interviewed by Mr. Winn, the senior representative. A Job! Pay £2.10.0d and expenses! Hard work – but it would be worth hard work. Chances fairly good. Next interview at Hull, if...

On the way home I met Akel, in the car. Collected chairs from the club room and his shop and took them to Boots. A tea–dance was in full swing at Boots. Akel, Tug and myself watched in disgust. Dashed home, had tea, changed and went to the Whist Drive at Boots. My job was to initial cards in the case of unusual scores. Strange to me, but I managed alright. A full house – many turned away. Left 11 o’clock, after we had cleared up.

Three more “holy days” yet before I return to work!


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