Saturday, March 24, 2007

Monday 17th September 1934

Written in bed, 11 o’clock. My bedroom is in an attic; the sloping ceiling is just above my head, whilst a wide open window is behind me.

It’s been a happy day…

Busy at the works. I love having lots of work when I can do it efficiently. Nearly a year in the making house now. Had supper early and then cycled to meet Audrey (age 23) on the road from Windsor. Waited for her by the roadside and watched distant searchlights sweeping the sky. There was a tiny aeroplane up there, too. Miles away, above the newly risen moon. Around it the clouds were broken.

Clouds, searchlights, stars, moon and an insignificant aeroplane. Audrey came along the dark road, singing softly.


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