Friday, March 23, 2007


1) “Gay Fragment of some mocking tune…”

The cycle sped down the path…

It was hot, stuffy in the little attic. He did not feel very upset but was in a fatalistic mood. From somewhere near, he heard the tinkle of a piano, vamping one of the latest tunes – “Let’s fall in love.”

Out of love! He did not know that he would see her again, kiss her again. But it was never to be the same, for the zenith was past – just past. “Let’s – fall – in love!” He was amused by the irony of it…

There was a TocH job to do, that afternoon – looking after some London kiddies at a garden party at Englefield Green. He went, glad of something to do. Withey and Taffy were there, old friends. Among the Windsor members, was Young, - dark, supercilious, perhaps sentimental. He seemed more likeable at second sight.

Tricks of fate! They sat in a pub, later, Young the only one who was at ease. Withey, the friend who was to fade out of friendship; Young, the man who was to become more and more a comrade; others who were to be scarce remembered.

“Let’s fall in love!” That silly jazz was always to bring mocking memories.


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