Friday, March 23, 2007

Sunday 22nd April 1934

With very great reluctance I have decided that this record must soon end.
Indeed, I still doubt my determination to finish such a brave long account of experiences. Perhaps the disease is not as bad as the cure!
I am so afraid that some happy remembrance or laughing picture of a sweet spring morning might go beyond my recall. The truth is, I’m thoroughly greedy and wish to live not once but many times – vividly!

It was a glorious morning and I strolled along the river towards Wood Haw and met her. We had to dodge to and fro, as my rambling club and various young men of hers were about. But we strolled in the clean fresh sunlight before noontime… Now what is there to write about this stroll? Surely nothing! Yet it was not empty for me, being full of a quick glance of the eyes, or chance words, or the touch of hand and arm.

When I left her, I rushed back to digs – nearly two hours late for my appointment with Akel – and found him gone, not un-naturally! Changed into Scout uniform – into Scout uniform! – and dashed to Windsor for the Scout Rally. The bus conductor, thinking me a “foreigner”, told me all about the district! Too late for the King’s inspection but in time for the Church service. Packed with Scouts – nearly a thousand – yet I found Akel at once, just inside! Strange and pleasant with keen, hard, clean young men and boys all around. Yes, that’s how it felt again!

After the Parade – Windsor full of Scouts – we motored to digs for tea and then to Walton where we went on the river in canoes. Akel giving fatherly advice on the tenth Law and saying all older men are not dirty.

When I got back to Staines, Mrs. Stevens had a hot dinner ready and would not charge for that jolly tea for six of us! I wish to place that act on record!

N.B. What fun I’d have missed if I had committed suicide yesterday!
Well, I suppose this means this yarn must soon end.
I’ll work it to a climax, story fashion and then conclude.
Thus the evil day is postponed.


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