Friday, March 23, 2007

Saturday 14th April 1934

Dull morning , so I thought, “Just my luck! No romantic stroll tonight!” However, when I met Peggy after tea, she preferred a walk. (She becomes more open, more willing to give, less reserved).

Eventually we reached Windsor Park at sunset, (but not a part I know) Dusk and darkness found us alone and lost somewhere beside a large expanse of water. Eerie cries of night birds. Being lost, she (outwardly) became frightened and I cool. We climbed over a tall fence and I finding her in my arms, kissed her. Then went on – into unknown darkness – and she slipped her hand into mine, like a frightened child. Well, why not? Perhaps she really was afraid!

At last we came to a road and occasional houses at which we asked the way.
Difficult, so many cross tracks. Hand in hand, like babes in the wood, until safe, outside the parkland. There was another embrace, then we were walking like lovers, my arms around her, until a bus came. Only two kisses! Does not seem many, does it?
Harvey has never kissed her, but the strange young man has, and does. So really, I suppose I’m trespassing. And we seem to drift slowly…

I am “cool as a deep river” about it all, while she is quite unexplainable! So I cannot understand either of us; which will effectively prevent boredom.

(“These bloody tomatoes!” said Mr Paddon, and hurled one at the wall, where it burst. The stain is still there.)


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